About me!

“Vasco is really one of the modern masters of a new ‘free sound approach’ to drum set and percussion. Defying the accepted conventions of speed, and ‘flashy’ drum set playing, he makes an incredible musical statement , taking us through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey.”
Pete Lockett


“He is amazing in many aspects, he can use anything you want for creative drumming. Frankly speaking I hardly know anyone as inventive in drumming as him.”
Maciej Lewenstein, Polish Jazz and Beyond

“A clockwork alchemist of percussion”
Dave Foxall, A Jazz Noise


“Trilla’s breadth of experience makes him a particularly protean drummer—he slides easily from playing precise time and complex changes to driving, pulse-based free drumming to almost indeterminate experiments in noise, using bells, bows, and other objects to create shimmering—and sometimes menacing—fields of sound ”
Dan Sorrells, The Free Jazz Collective

“(Vasco) has released more than 15 albums since the beginning of 2018, all of which highlight his idiosyncratic conception of time, pulse and space. His recent solo project and collaborations with like-minded improvisers offer insights to his masterful, brilliant work, and his unique ability to transform all objects into percussive machines”
Eyal Hareuvni, Salt Pean


A boiling crucible of ideas, a multitude of experiences not only in the field of improvised music (…), unique musical craft, a wide repertoire of techniques implemented in sound production and a huge… practical knowledge of physics. No sound is obvious, and the level of predictability of what is going to happen reaches negative values.
Andrzej Nowak, Spontaneous Music Tribune


“Finally something different in the today improvised percussion panorama.Being one of the first solo percussion improvisers in the 70s, I paid special attention to Vasco work.
This new music is a fresh blossoming of ideas and sounds. Vasco is a minimalist in percussion, each sound is accurately chosen and explored to an extreme end. A world of larger horizons and open skies where the percussion trigger the most inner intense feeling in the listener”
Andrea Centazzo