Jamaaladeen Tacuma – Bass Guitar Artur Majewski – Trumpet, Electronics Vasco Trilla – Percussion

Music is a language that is universal and understood by all. When three musicians such as Jamaaladeen Tacuma on bass from USA, Artur Mejewski on trumpet and electronic sounds from Poland and Vasco Trillia percussionist from Spain come together a musical conversation is sure to take place that will ensure an organic audio explosion. These three musical artists are masters of their craft bringing together a global collaboration and a generational mash up of groove, ambient and improvisational excellence. “SPICE OF LIFE” will take you on a journey that is bursting with the musical flavors that life is made of. “YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT IN ORDER TO TASTE IT”

Mars Williams, Sax and Toys Vasco Trilla, drums

Ferran Fages,electric guitar Alex Reviriego,double bass Vasco Trilla,drums

Susana Santos Silva, trumpet Yedo Gibson Sax VascoTrilla, drums
Fish Wool (Jacc Records)

I discovered Vasco Trilla work though Iztok Zupan while in Slovenia at Iztok studio. He introduced me to the Vasco’s music in a CD recorded and produced by him.
It was a surprising discover: finally something different in the today improvised percussion panorama.
Being one of the first solo percussion improvisers in the 70s, I paid special attention to Vasco work.
This new music is still in the same realm of the old recording but with a fresh blossoming of ideas and sounds.
Vasco is a minimalist in percussion: each sound is accurately chosen and explored to an extreme end.
A world of larger horizons and open skies where the percussion trigger the most inner intense feeling in the listener.
Andrea Centazzo, Los Angeles September 8th 2019

The Rainbow Serpent (FMR records)
The Torch in My Ear (Klopotec Records)

Luis Vicente, trumpet Vasco Trilla, drums

A Brighter Side Of Darkness (Clean Feed Records)

When does a duet means that the music is thinner than with a bigger ensemble? Well, when the duo in question isn’t the one formed by the Portuguese trumpeter Luís Vicente and the Luso-Catalan drummer Vasco Trilla, both known for their endless resources, sound wise and in terms of the grammars they use to turn the technical procedure we call improvisation to the aesthetics of improvised music. At the beginning of each piece reunited in “A Brighter Side of Darkness” it’s obvious we’re listening to a duo, but the music has an ascensional motion: it slowly builds from almost nothing to a huge, dense, complex construction, with walls, corners and forniture, growing in height, in walking space and in contenance. Suddenly, without realising it, we testify just by listening an out-of-body experience. It’s when the music gets more physical that these two spontaneous composers leave their bodies, and the bodies of their instruments, to give us what is one of the most fulfilling works of spiritual music in present times. As such, you have here a brilliant companion for those transcendental albums you love since you discovered the devotional music of John Coltrane, even though Vicente’s and Trilla’s adhesion to “theomusical subjectivity” do not have a religious motivation. They found the Absolute, the invisible Other, in the music itself, the same way Aldous Huxley did and made this novelist write that «after silence, that which comes nearest to express the inexpressible is music». You don’t want to miss this.


Martin Kûchen, saxophones
Rafal Mazur, acustic bass
Vasco Trilla, drums

The new atomic working band from Martin Kuchen saxophones, Rafał Mazur – acoustic bass guitar and Vasco Trilla on drums. Recorded on studio and concert session at the end of December 2018 during VI edition of Musica Privata festival i Łódź. (double CD)
X-rayed (Fundacja sluchaj)